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Replacement, Repair and Modifications

Shaft Replacement

Sometimes shafts break. Sometimes you’ll want a shaft upgrade. Sometimes you’ll want to be fit into a shaft that is better for your swing. Regardless of why you want a new shaft, UGolf is here to ensure it gets installed correctly.


If you’re either above or below average height there’s a good chance you’re not swinging a shaft length that fits your height. Work with UGolf and take your current club head or even a new one and install a shaft that’s fit to you.


A ferrule is the plastic piece that transitions the shaft to the club head. Over time these can become loose or even break, weakening the bond between the shaft and the club head. UGolf can replace your ferrule extending the life of your clubs.

Club Head

Repair and Modifications

Loft and Lie

Minor changes in the loft and lie of your iron can make a great deal of difference to your round. Without the proper loft/lie your chances of hitting consistent shots are small. Let the the experts at UGolf measure your loft/lie angle each season, correcting for any abnormalities and giving you the best chance to play your best golf!

Golf professional adjusting the loft of a golf club

Swing Weight

Do you often find yourself not in the fairway? The issue could be that your club's weight distribution isn't a good match your swing. For instance, if you've got a very fast swing speed, we may determine that weight needs to be added to your club head. Let the professionals at UGolf help you in making sure that you're swinging a club that matches your swing.

Custom Paint

There's no rule that says you can't look great and play great at the same time. Make sure that your clubs match your personality with a custom paint job. At UGolf we can customize your clubs with your favorite colors. 

Custom Paint Fills on PXG Irons



A worn grip on your golf club has a major impact on your golf swing and performance. By increasing grip pressure to ensure that your club is secure will decrease the speed of the club head and cause a loss of distance. Worn grips often times slip in your hands, causing the club head to shift from square and result in off-center strikes and lead to in-accurate shots. 

Service Fees


$3.00 + Grip Cost  / Club

Save Grip

$5.00 / Club


$15.00 + Shaft Cost / Club

Loft/Lie Adjustment

$5.00 / Club

Swing Weight Adjustment

$20.00 / Club

Extend Length

$10.00 / Club

Shorten Length

$8.00 / Club

Custom Wedge Grind

$40.00 / Wedge

Custom Stamping

$10.00 / Character

Painting /Per Club

$10.00 / 1 Color
$20.00 / 2 Color
$30.00 / 3 Color

For any questions or to get a quote on services and materials please call 563-580-1790


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