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To get started with your fitting, give us a call and we’ll chat about your game and what you’d like to improve.

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Collect Swing Data

At the fitting, we’ll use Trackman to analyze your swing data. We’ll use this data to hone in on the equipment that best fits you.

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Custom Built

Once we have the data, we can then build clubs to your exact specifications.

Types of Fittings

All fittings


Fee is waived if a club purchase is made the day of the fitting.


If you really want to level up your game, a full bag fitting is the way to go. We’ll take you through the entire bag, woods, irons, wedges, putter, and even help you choose the right ball. We’ll make sure your distance gaps are where they need to be, dialing in all your swing weights, loft and lie specs, and shaft choices. It wouldn’t be UGolf if we didn’t let U customize your choices with the right grips, color ways, and paint fills. 


Driver technology moves fast. We have all the latest head options, and we have more shafts options than anyone, and more importantly we have them all on-site, so you can hit them. This ensures you get fit in the right head and shaft combination to maximize your distance and control.


Fairway woods, hybrids, driving irons, and crossovers have made the long game much easier. We have the options you need to add the distance and control you’re looking for to you bag. This is where technology can really help you score.


Loft angles, lie angles, spin characteristics, swing weight, when you precisely fit your irons you feel and see the performance difference. UGolf has a massive selection of the tops brands, and over 600+ shaft combinations. We precisely built and customize your irons for you, right in house, and we’re always here to make tweaks after your fitting. 


We all know how important short game is, which is why properly fit wedges is so vital. Slight adjustments in loft, bounce, swing weight, and grind can make huge differences in how you score.


With SAM PuttLab technology UGolf can leverage hundreds of data points, to fit you with the perfect putter for YOU. Length, loft, lie, offset, face characteristics, head style and shaft will all be precisely fit to your natural putting stroke. The result is you greatly reducing the number of putts you take!

Need something else

Other Services

Club repair/build
 Shaft replacement
 Loft adjustments
 Custom paint fills

UGolf offers putting stroke analysis with Sam Putt Lab

Built with only the

Best Brands

Callaway Golf
Cobra Golf
Mizuno Golf
Bridgestone Golf
Bettinardi Putters
Accra Shafts
Vessel Golf Bags
Fujikura Golf Shafts
UST Mamiya Golf Shafts
Pure Golf Grips
Iomic Golf Grips
Winn Golf Grips

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