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UGolf offers both Ping i500 and Ping i210 irons

Custom Fit, Custom Built

Just for you.

Through the Ping fitting process and with TrackMan, we will target in on ball-flight tendencies, equipment specifications, your likes and dislikes with your current set, and your need and preferences from new equipment.

First, with a static fitting, we will determine your initial club specifications based on your preferences, needs, and ability. For drivers, fairways and hybrids, we'll discuss the general performance characteristics of different models, lofts and shafts.

UGolf offers custom built Ping Irons and Drivers


Fitting System

Through analysis of your swing, you will be matched up with the ideal Ping dot color which will help to make sure you get the correct lie angle and shaft length that is perfectly customized to your golf swing.

At UGolf, our Ping Certified specialist will fit you with an iron set that will be tailored to your unique golf swing and we will enable you to generate straighter, longer, and more consistent ball striking. This will also aid in more consistent trajectory leading to perfect distance control. Our fitting system will ensure the perfectly ideal clubs are in your hands. 

UGolf uses Pings Dot-Based Fitting system.

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