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Accra is a world leader in golf shafts, with more than 60 wins that can be attributed to players using Accra shafts on the PGA and EuroPGA Tours, plus many more successes. Accra shafts are played by the world's best golfers. 

Accra utilizes the highest quality materials and creative designs that have craved them as a niche in the club fitting industry, and as one of the worlds most respected golf shaft manufactures. 

Here at UGolf, we offer a full catalog of 22 advanced Accra shafts.  

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Dymatch Technology: Accra dynamically designs shafts to offer identical feel in driver, fairway woods, and hybrids using a technology called "DyMatch." Using Dymatch assures you will receive similar flight characteristics, feel, and performance throughout your set. 

Constant Flex Technology: Accra shafts, within a similar model, share the same frequency flex. This means that we can determine your flex and then comfortably test different weight shafts, knowing that they are the same flex by frequency. 

Thin Wall Technology: Accra uses composite materials to minis thickness to enhance feedback, energy transfer, and most importantly a smooth feel. This technology uses a higher graphite content in each layer of material. It also reduced inconsistencies within the shaft resulting in faster "recovery" to increase clubbed speed and ball speed.

Carbon Weave Technology: Accra incorporates several different weave technologies into different models. This enables the ability to manipulate flexural rigidity and torsional strength of specific sections of the shaft.

Uniform Taper Technology: A uniform taper from the butt section of the shaft trough the tip section provides maximum energy transfer and excellent "feel."

Ti-Mesh Tip Technology: In Accra shafts, a lightweight skeletal titanium mesh is integrated with the composite fibers to increase strength and torsional stability. 

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